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Aspect8 Investment Process

Investing is a process composed of many elements. Unfortunately, many investors simply skip some of the elements because of lack of education or simple naivety. Web sites, books, and individual fund pickers that don't address the other critical elements of the process only exacerbate the problem.


Many so called "Investment" books and web sites probably should be renamed with the term "fund picking" or "stock picking" because they either briefly address or skip entirely critical elements of the process. In fact, fund selection is likely to be one of the least important elements of investing for many investors.


Aspect8 has a five step process to help you achieve your investment goals in an efficient manner:-


-Determine financial condition, goals and risk tolerance ...

-Determine appropriate asset allocation

-Select suitable investment wrappers and implement strategy

-Monitor portfolio, review goals and constraints and rebalance

-Document results


We believe the term Wealth Management is often used in the wrong context in our profession as the focus seems to be on your investment only. There are many factors to consider when constructing an all encompassing financial plan and all Pensions, Savings and Investments should be considered in order to formulate the most efficient strategy for your needs.

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