Dividend bear markets: the grizzly facts

As companies around the world drastically cut dividends, we look back at 149 years of data.

3 minute read

Downturns this deep can take a long time to recover from

Should you stick, sell or buy after a crash? We look to 148 years of stock market history for potential answers.

8 minute read

The data that shows a case for long-term investing

148 years of data show short-term punts on the stock market are very risky. Long term investments, not so much.                                                           

2 minute read

How coronavirus could change our working lives (and the climate)

Tools that reduce business travel have long been available. The coronavirus is forcing us to use them, and the climate could benefit.

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How stock markets perform after heavy falls

Stock markets have tumbled in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. Analysis shows how the biggest one-day falls in the past have been followed by substantial returns.

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The £19,000 cost of trying to time the market

“Buy low, sell high” – that’s every investor’s goal. However, it’s easier said than done. Especially if you’re trying to time the market, which is notoriously difficult, if not impossible.

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29 reasons not to invest

Over the past three decades there have been plenty of shocks to dissuade people from investing. Our data shows what happened after each event.      

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